After withdrawal completed you can check the status using the transaction hash id.

The steps are,

Go to Dashboard page last Crypto Deposit/Withdraw details.

You will get the transaction id and Fees details by click 'i' icon for the corresponding withdrawal open the Explore link.

It will open the transaction details in BTC block explorer page

In this transaction details page, you can find the Transaction Hash, Date, Block status. Initially shows Unconfirmed. Which means the transaction not added into the block yet.

Once the transaction is verified and included in the block, the transaction will have confirmation.

The points have marked in the above and below screenshot for your reference. The same will be shown in your transaction details as well.

Contact the receiving address side with the transaction id. Get the information regarding the number of block confirmations required to credit the BTC in their wallet.

The number of confirmations required to credit in the receiving address side vary between wallet/exchanges.

Once it broadcasted in the blockchain it will be added in the withdrawal address depends on the network congestion.

The transaction showing success and confirmed will be in the receiver address scope.

Hope this answer helps.