• In Dashboard page Coin Balance section you can see Deposit and Withdrawal link for all the coins.
  • Click withdraw link for the corresponding coin that you want to withdraw.

  • Next enter your withdrawal address and quantity from to the corresponding columns.
  • 3 types of withdrawal mode available. Normal, Express, Crazy. For each type withdrawal fees will get changed.
  • In each type we are sending with different miner fees. For higher miner fees it will get faster block confirmations and received fast in the withdrawal address side. Default withdrawal type is Normal.
  • After enter the quantity and address it will show the balance after fees deduction as well.
  • Proceed to withdraw then next page enter the OTP and verify.

Next you receive a mail confirmation from info@giottus.com to your registered email id for the withdrawal. Till complete that the status showing as Email verification pending in Crypto Deposits/Withdraw details. 

  • Once confirm the mail verification link will go to Dashboard page the status changed to success.


  • Coin Balance will not debit from the balance until you confirm the mail verification.
  • The mail link valid for 30 mins
  • If not confirmed within 30 mins the status shows you as Time Elapsed. Again have to initiate the withdrawal.
  • If you try to confirm the mail link for the second time it shows you an error message.

Contact us through website live chat/send a mail to support@giottus.com if any assistance required.