Buying and Selling in Giottus P2P

P2P placing Buy Order Process:

1. Choose the appropriate currency in the P2P exchange window.

2. Select the Sell order from the list of Sell orders displayed

3. Enter the Quantity you wish to purchase. Ensure the Quantity entered is within the Min and Max limits chosen by the Seller.

4. In the next window, the Bank Details of the Seller and the amount to be transferred is displayed.

5. Ensure that you transfer the exact amount. Do not round off. The Amount is used to uniquely identify different payments that may be received by the Seller.

6. Once you make the payment, select your order from “Buy Open Orders”.

7. Confirm that you have made the payment.

8. The Seller will see the status of his order change and if his account receives the Payment he will confirm the same.

9. Once the Seller confirms the receipt of the payment, the Cryptocurrency is credited to your Giottus wallet. In case the Seller doesn’t confirm the receipt, the transaction is taken over by our Dispute Resolution team who will get in touch and provide the right solution.

10. You can use the Cryptocurrencies in your Giottus wallet for trading or withdraw it to your private wallet.