Once you have completed your KYC, you will be able to see your Crypto-Wallets in your dashboard. You can deposit the coin you want to sell in your Giottus Wallet and begin placing your placing order

Buying and Selling in Giottus P2P

P2P placing Sell Order Process:

1. Select P2P option from the menu at the Top

2. Select the appropriate coin

3. Enter the quantity you wish to Sell and price at which you want to make your Sale.

4. You can enter the minimum and maximum amount of Cryptocurrency that can be bought from you every transaction. This is not a mandatory field.

5. You can choose the time-period. This is the maximum time that you give the Buyer to complete his payment after he selects your order. Most of the transactions get executed well within the Time chosen.

6. Certain payment options like UPI is very quick and Buyer may be able to transfer the currency to your bank account immediately. If you want to only permit Buyers who can make such transactions and your bank account supports UPI transactions select two hours.

7. If a Buyer wants make a larger transaction or if he wants to use NEFT/IMPS it might take upto 24 hours to add beneficiary and initiate a transaction of high value. If you are okay with such transactions also select 36 hours. This makes your Sell order attractive for larger set of Buyers.

8. Once you entered necessary values, submit the transaction

9. You Sell order is displayed in the Sell orders.

10. Once a Buyer selects your order, the quantity chosen by the Buyer is frozen and transferred to Escrow account. The Buyer countdown timer is initiated. 

11. Buyer has to complete his payment and confirm the same in his Open Buy Order

12. Once Buyer confirms, You can see the status of his order change in the “Sell Open Orders” Section.

13. You can confirm the receipt or raise a dispute if payment is not received in your account.

14. If you confirm the receipt, Cryptocurrencies are released from the bEscrow and credited to the Buyer’s wallet.