Why does Peer to Peer exchange require KYC?

Why does Peer to Peer exchange require KYC?

KYC is very useful in preventing fraudulent users from repeating the offences. Sybil attacks (where a single user tries to game the system by creating a large number of pseudonymous identities) can be effectively prevented by verification of identities.
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    • What is Peer to Peer Exchange?

      Peer to Peer exchange facilitates transactions between two traders without routing the money through the exchange. Giottus lets a Buyer buy without sending INR to the Exchange. GIOTTUS PEER TO PEER EXCHANGE Sally the Seller. Sally wants to sell her ...
    • Which documents are required for KYC verification on Giottus?

      For KYC verification on Giottus, you will need to submit,  PAN Card (scan) - Mandatory Aadhaar Card (both front and back scans). In case you don't have an Aadhar card you can also submit scan of the Voter ID or Passport or Driving license.
    • How to Register and Complete KYC in Giottus?

      You can Register in Giottus by following quick 5 step process. Register  Email id Verification Mobile Number Verification KYC Bank Details If you face issues at any stage during the registration kindly raise a support ticket ...
    • Facing issues during KYC verification or KYC document upload?

      If facing problem in documents uploading log out once. Clear your browser cookie and cache. Then log in to Giottus account try to upload the documents again in one by one. It will accept.  Once the first document uploaded 100% next add another file. ...
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