• In Dashboard page Coin Balance section you can see Deposit and Withdrawal link for all the coins.

  • Click withdraw link for XRP.

  • Next enter your withdrawal address and Tag no from to the corresponding columns.
  • If your XRP wallet don't have a tag number select "No Tag".

  • After entering the quantity and address it will show the balance after fees deduction as well.
  • Proceed to withdraw then next page enter the OTP and verify.

Next you receive a mail confirmation from info@giottus.com to your registered email id for the withdrawal. Till complete that the status showing as Email verification pending in Crypto Deposits/Withdraw details.  

  • After confirm the mail verification link will go to Dashboard page the status changed to success.

  • In Dashboard page Crypto Deposits/Withdraw details click the + icon for the corresponding withdrawal you will get the explore link. Open the link it will redirect to the blockchain status page.
  • You can check the block confirmation status from the same.


  • XRP will not debit from the balance until you confirm the mail verification.
  • The mail link valid for 30 mins. If not confirming within 30 mins the status show you as Time Elapsed. Again have to initiate the withdrawal.
  • If you try to confirm the mail link for the second time it shows you an error message.

Contact us through website live chat/send a mail to support@giottus.com if any assistance required.