For placing buy order in Spot exchange users have to deposit INR to their Giottus balance.


To know the INR deposit process please refer here- How to deposit INR?


After INR deposit approved it will show in the Dashboard INR available balance.

Click Spot Exchange link from the Dashboard page. 

  • In the Markets section it will update the last order executed price for all the coin pairs.
  • Choose the coin pair that you want to buy/sell from Markets section. The default coin pair will be BTC/INR.


  • For all buy orders top sell order’s price from the orderbook will be filled in the Price section. 

  • For all coin pairs LIMIT ORDER will be selected as the default order type.

What is the Limit Order?

Limit orders allow you to set a price at which you want to buy or sell. The buy or sell order executes when the price reaches that you specify.


  • A user wants to buy BTC worth of Rs. 1000/- at the price range of 689300/- and he deposited the amount to his wallet balance.

  • In Price (INR) section enter the BTC bid price that you want to buy (One BTC value- 689300/-).

  • In Total (INR) section enter your available balance (INR available balance 1000/-).

  • After entering these 2 values place the select Quantity (BTC) section it will calculate automatically as 0.00145074 BTC.

Quantity (BTC)= Total (INR)/Price (INR)

Note: Fees will be deducted after the order executed. Buy order fees charged in cryptos.


  • Click on BUY and confirm to precede it will add in the orderbook then executes when the order matched with the same sell price at 689300/-.

*For other coins order placing steps will be same.

  • Once the order executed it will be added to the Coin Balance. 

  • In Dashboard, Trade History you will get the order executed details (Fees, Price executed). 

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